Dos & Don'ts & Hilarious Online Shopping Fails ⋆

Dos & Don’ts & Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

November is arguably the best month to be a customer as it includes three of the biggest sales of the year all jam-packed into a two to three week period, right before the crazy holiday season.

With all these deals coming at you left, right, and center, it can be easy to be flooded with so much information that you forget to read the fine print. Failing to do so might get you on the “Online Shopping Fails Hall of Fame”. Here are some examples of what NOT to do when you shop online.

Black Lace Dress

This sleek black lace dress looked like the perfect combination of smart and sensual with the model a perfect fit for the body tight piece. However, upon receiving this garment, this lady soon noticed not only was the color different, the size and “fit” were quite a bit off from what she thought she was getting. A word to the wise – sizing is everything.

Baby Husky

This person’s husband ordered what they thought was a giant husky pillow for their son. However, upon receipt of the goods, they realized why picture and the size never matched up. She captioned the photo: “OMG ??? Kai ordered this “pillow Husky” on eBay. It came today… NOT quite the same as advertised. #cannotstoplaughing #wth #falseadvertisement #ebayfail”

The first is the Chinese “Singles’ Day” or “Guanggun Jie” which literally translates to “Single Sticks’ Holiday”. The date is for this holiday is November 11th (11/11) as it resembles the number 1 like an individual who is alone.

The second major sale occurs on Black Friday, which originates from the United States. Black Friday is the informal day for the day following Thanksgiving, which in turn is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year.

The last of this trinity of shopping days is Cyber Monday which occurs on the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States. This one is unique as it occurs exclusively online has become an international marketing term used all over the world.

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