Hilarious Online Shopping Dos & Don'ts ⋆

Hilarious Online Shopping Dos & Don’ts

We live in a magical time, with a click of a mouse, items we want or need can be bought and shipped right to us. We use this often because of its convenience, no crowds, no lines, and great sales. People spend hours at a time shopping online (even at work) so it’s safe to say that online shopping is now a part of our society expanding the global marketplace.

As wonderful and time-saving as online shopping can be there’s always a risk of buying something defective or something that just didn’t match what you were looking for at all! Unfortunately, for these buyers, the win of a better price or convenience was really a hilarious loss. Take a look at these examples of online shopping gone wrong.

Bejeweled Mess

“Fools gold.” Well, it definitely would apply in this case, the fit and cut of the dress are not appealing at all. Most of the time, there are some alterations to make a dress fit better but in this case, it’s better off going into a dress-up box or to be saved for Halloween.

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