The Hilarious Italian Grandmother Vs. Google Home Battle

For years’ technology has been changing at a rather incredible pace. Go back a decade, and it felt like smartphones were something only that big high flying execs had. Go back a decade before that, and the idea of HD TV was a thing of the future. Flat-screen TVs, even, were just becoming a major thing.

So, over the years, older people have had to grow used to technology developing at a faster pace than they might like. That can quite an uncomfortable thing to go through, and is one of the many reasons why some seniors just decide not to bother. If development is going to leave you behind, why bother trying to keep up?

This fantastic video by Ben Actis, though, shows us exactly why we should all try to get our seniors involved in technology. If nothing else, watching their frustrating slowly but surely build up is great entertainment for those who can use the tech of today!

Take this video that Ben posted, where his 85-year-old grandmother tries to learn how to use Google Home. Google Home is a powerful device akin to Alexa and is very powerful for various reasons. It’s a great way to help control your house and is very useful for helping to get a lot of stuff done around the house, essentially acting as a hired home help.

Seniors, though, don’t get the appeal. Watch this video as the grandmother argues with Google Home back and forth.

When Google responds in a female voice, her reaction of “it’s a woman!” is enough to make the whole video worth your time. Watch the video as it goes on and on, with her beginning to really switch between finding it hilarious and getting rather frustrated at its total lack of response to some of her more…specific questions.

Her struggle saying “Google” probably does not help too much, either!

Often, the device simply ignored her as she struggled to get it to pick up on her use of Google. Giving it sounds like “Goo-goo” – the noise a baby would make – it’s little wonder that the device offers little to no response.

When it finally manages to respond and give her the information she requests about the next day’s weather, grandma gets up and informs the room that “I’m scared!”

It’s all very funny, and well worth your time to watch.

If you want to see how the majority of seniors would likely respond to realising they made it into the age of talking robots and smart homes, then pick up a Google Home for yourself and let your own grandparents try it out; record their reactions and send it to us, and we’ll show the world their hilarious response!

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