Hilarious Ad: Father’s Day “Barbecue Dad” Needed ⋆

Hilarious Ad: Father’s Day “Barbecue Dad” Needed

As Father’s Day approaches a group of 20-something friends were missing their dads and decided to take action.

The guys, who hail from Spokane, Washington came up with a novel solution to their problem – they knew they needed to get in some father-son time, so they advertised for a stand-in.

The hilarious Craigslist ad was asking for a  “generic father figure” to take over the grilling duties for their barbecue, due to take place the day before Father’s Day on Saturday, June 17.

They were very specific about the qualifications:  A minimum of 18 years parenting and, of course, at least 10 years experience of manning the grill at a barbecue.  Needless to say the ad went viral.  Pay was unusual too – the lucky candidate will receive all they can eat in food and cold beer.

Of course the group, who are aged between 21 and 26, can all work the grill but no one wanted the job of being Barbecue Dad.  However, the ad said, they did need a generic dad to fill the role and then hang out for a few hours and crack open some nice ice cold beers.

Skills Required:

As well as being an expert griller of hot dogs and burgers the applicants must have other key skills including the ability to call the guests by names such as “Champ”, “Chief” and “Big Guy”.

They should have a good grounding in serious dad topics like gardening, lawn mowing, deck building and Jimmy Buffet.  Being able to tell a few ‘dad stories’ also tops the list of required attributes.

The listing went live just over 2 weeks ago and the guys have received a fair few applications, although they are still hunting for that perfect substitute.

One of the hosts, speaking to the local radio station said that one candidate had even offered to be called by a generic ‘Dad name’, like Bill or Dave, and another had potential but suddenly stopped replying to email.

They are certainly pulling out all the stops and really deserve to find their ideal Barbecue Dad in time for Father’s Day.