These Funny Church Signs Will Restore Your Faith In Humor ⋆

These Funny Church Signs Will Restore Your Faith In Humor

Is there anything better than finding humor in unexpected places? When one thinks of going to church, you automatically assume you need to be on your best behavior. Now that rule still applies, but surely Jesus wouldn’t mind if we have a giggle every now and again? Well, if you’re too embarrassed to laugh at these in public, luckily for you we’ve gathered all the funniest church signs which are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Ready? Let’s get started…

I accept the terms and conditions (I think)

The most common lies told on the internet are between ‘I accept the terms & conditions’ and ‘I am over 18”. This church sign decided to make light of the sins made by Adam and Eve.

This sign is not just a humorous sign but also a clever way to comment on the way we make decisions. We should get into a better habit of considering the consequences of our actions before taking a bite out of the forbidden fruit.

Sin=Bad. Jesus=Good

Well, it doesn’t get more profound than that? If you’re looking to find out what to expect at a Sunday church service, this sign gives you the basics.

It almost makes the sign funnier knowing that they put in so little effort. It also gives a humorous idea as to what the basics of religion are.

The power of prayer

Never underestimate the power of your prayers! This sign is only hilarious because it’s covered in snow.

The irony of a church asking people to stop praying is too funny. Only because it’s pretty contradictory to the message they usually try to send.