Helping Stray Cats In The Big Freeze ⋆

Helping Stray Cats In The Big Freeze

Nathaniel Styer didn’t expect this as a part of his decision to work from home; a high-intensity wind coupled with heavy snowfall. Also referred to as a “snow squall,” the effects of the polar vortex didn’t need too much time to become visual, as Styer’s entire neighborhood was covered in snow in no time.

No one wants to be caught out in the snow, and everyone would rather be snowed in at home than out. This was the same for the tabby cat, which found its way to Styer’s window ledge. According to Styer, the cat rubbed and scratched against the screen, which was a clear indication that she wanted to be let in.

Styer quickly recognized the cat as Chunk Chunk, the member of a stray cat colony that was just around the corner. Styer, being fully aware of what Chunk Chunk was going through, knew he had to do something.

He said that this was his first time seeing Chunk Chunk in such a situation. He went on to say that the look on Chunk Chunk’s face was a clear message that she was confused and out of options in the storm. Although Styer didn’t really like strays that walked around the neighborhood.

However, Renne Becerra, Styer’s fiancée gave up a lot of her time to the colony and cared for its members. Chunk Chunk is amongst the newest colony members, and since she came in the fall, she wasn’t ready to stand the storm.

Styer didn’t really like cats in the house, but because of Renne, he let Chunk Chunk in. He said that his actions were inspired by his love for Renne, and the fact that it was only right for him to help the poor cat.

So He Let Her In

Styer unlocked the windows, and Chunk Chunk came in.

However, after coming in, she wasn’t sure of what to do. Styer picked her up. This came as a surprise to him because it was unusual for community cats to let you do this with ease. After sitting her down, she immediately began to roam the house, searching for the easiest way out.

After trying and failing to jump through a window because it was closed, Chunk Chunk became quite calm. Styer’s bathroom, which was away from where they kept their dog, played home to Chunk Chunk, who had become more comfortable and settled.

Upon arrival, Styer relayed the whole story to Becerra. And as if a part of her saw this coming, she didn’t appear to be very surprised. Becerra told Dodo that Chunk Chunk had been a good companion from when she showed up at their house’s window. “She’s always asking for pets and starts purring within seconds,” she continued.

Styer and Becerra had spent about two years in this neighborhood. And in these two years, they’ve done a great job helping quite a number of kittens find permanent homes. This coming spring, Becerra intends to get her hands on as many adults as she can, to neuter and release them. Fortunately, Chunk Chunk has a notch in her ear, which indicates that she has already been spayed.

Becerra has always done her bit to keep community cats warm in the winter and urges people to lend a hand when they can. These cats are most threatened by the cold of winter, thus go through a lot.

Winter Cat-Shelter

Becerra said that she made three shelter homes for cats this winter, and did her best to make food available frequently. One can easily purchase winter shelters from cat rescues, however, there are not so difficult to build. The only requirement would be a secure area around your neighborhood. If you have that, then you can get some cat shelters in place.

Chunk Chunk may have found a new home with the couple. And even if her future with them is still uncertain, she’ll not have to face the cold outside anymore. Becerra said that they were unsure of what would become of the cat, as it appears to be suited for life indoors, rather than outdoors. She went on to say that they’re contacting the ASPCA to get some help in finding Chunk Chunk a home.

If you intend to lend a helping hand to spay cats in your neighborhood, take a look at the neighborhood’s cat website. Also, you can find out how to build winter shelters for cats in your community.