Heartwarming Tears as Young Boy Finds Adopting Family ⋆

Heartwarming Tears as Young Boy Finds Adopting Family

When you hear about a young child being put up for adoption, it’s easy to feel an immediate sense of sadness. Most kids are put into adoption because they have endured some form of tragedy, either losing their parents or having to leave their parents behind.

However, when the long process for adoption finally comes to an end, it’s easy to see why so many kids simply lose their minds with joy. After so long being without a family, feeling a lack of belonging, for a young person that can be the biggest positive change in their lives.

Without a family, many of us would not know where to go in our loves. However, when Amanda and JoBen Barkey decided to adopt their young Colombian host child, the story was recorded – and you’d need a heart of stone not to weep a bit with joy when you watch this amazing video.

The Barkeys, for all intents and purposes, look like tremendous people. You just need to see how every photo of them shows everyone smiling and in a happy, honest place. So, when they met Sebastian, an 11-year-old Colombian, in 2018, they knew they had to help him.

Deciding to host him to give him a chance of a better life in California, what came next for everyone was a truly remarkable experience.


Brought to the USA by Kidsave, one of those charities you are simply thankful that they exist and do the work they do, the young Sebastian had no biological family back home. They hoped to find him a happy family he could join, and they were lucky to meet the Barkeys.

Friendly and cheery despite his depressing situation, the youngster came a major part of the family in a very short space of time. He took several adventures with the family, and immediately connected with their other children. if you didn’t know, you would think that he was already part of the family, judging by the immense joy that he shows in all of his photos.

And the Barkeys obviously have great taste in fashion, too – look at that classic Cameroon shirt that their youngest is wearing! Awesome.

Come the end of the summer, though, the family had to say goodbye to young Sebastian. Thankfully, that was not the end of this amazing story. They wanted to adopt Sebastian and their kids were delighted with the idea. Speaking to Sebastian across a video chat online, the family started to hold up little signs one by one that said the Spanish words for Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister.

After a moment – it clicked, and the resulting moment is one of just absolute joy.

Through his tears, Sebastian agreed to join the family as part of their future. As you might imagine, the story got a lot of positive press online. He will stay in Colombia until the family can fully afford to go through with adoption, but it’s more or less official: in the future, he’ll be known as Sebastian Barkey.