Heartwarming: Neighbors Take Care Of Disabled Woman For Ten Years ⋆

Heartwarming: Neighbors Take Care Of Disabled Woman For Ten Years

Kathy Felt is sixty-six years old. She has been using a wheelchair to get around for many years. However, without help, it will be almost impossible for Kathy to get in or out of bed. Thankfully, her neighbors have been there to help her every day for the past ten years.

Kathy has lived in the neighborhood for over forty years. She is described as a loving and warm-hearted woman by many. Kathy’s predicament was noticed by her friends, who are also neighbors, in the community and a volunteer group was formed.

Every day, following a proper order, they neighbors take turns to help Kathy get into bed to have a good night sleep.

For everyone who wants to know where this ‘angelic’ act is being done, it is in the community named Sandy, in Utah. Sandy is located at the South of the Salt Lake City.

Without the help from her neighbors, Kathy would have had to spend huge sums of money every month to pay for professional care. Alternatively, she would have had to be registered in a nursing home. This is an option many older adults try to avoid because it means they will leave their homes to stay among strangers in a new environment. The neighbors at Sandy have successfully helped Kathy to remain in the comfort of her home.

Kathy’s condition started with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 1978. Over the years, the condition got worse, and she had to rely on her two sons for help. It didn’t take very long before her neighbors noticed the family needed help and they asked for a way to help.

Kathy’s sons and a cousin were asked for this permission to help. The volunteer group was led by Kathy’s neighbor Keith Pugmire.  That was how the arrangement was made.

The neighbors came together as an organized group to help Kathy. Pugmire was in charge of the coordination. He used software to manage the routine for all the men who were involved. Many of the volunteers came from Pugmire’s Christian group, The Later Day Christian Saints.

While the arrangement started with no definite duration in mind, we are excited to know it has lasted for over ten years. It was such a huge relief to Kathy’s sons Todd, Left, and their cousin Chad.

Kathy’s sons gave the instructions on how to help Kathy get into or out of bed every day. They also showed the volunteers were to keep her drugs every night so she can easily reach them when

It has been amazing. Kathy can hardly hide her happiness. For many years, her close friends have also taken charge of helping her with housework and shopping. The children have also been helping. They visit Kathy often to keep her company. Her walls are decorated with poems and drawings made by the children of her helpers. Pugmire, the kind-hearted neighbor also stated that there is no lack of volunteers.

He is now more concerned with how to organize the huge number of volunteers who are excited to help Kathy. Kathy shows her appreciation by remembering their names and birthdays. She makes them feel special by presenting gifts and cards on their birthdays.

It is wonderful to find such happenings in our societies today. This kind of news is different from what we are used to reading in the newspapers. There is so much good in our hearts, if only we can focus on our positive side, our world will be better and a happy place for everyone.

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