Heartwarming: Lost Koala Reunited with Mom ⋆

Heartwarming: Lost Koala Reunited with Mom

Animals are easily cuter than humans. Even the cutest of human can never be as cute as the adorable koala bear, for example. When we hear about something so small and helpless being left without its mother, then, we naturally worry about them. How will they survive?

So when one story about a baby koala being separated from her mother hit the news, people got concerned. Spending a few days away from mumma, the little thing must have been terrified: cold, alone and hungry. Thankfully, a couple were out walking in South Australia, and came across the little thing all worried. They fed it and cared for it, but it wasn’t enough: the little thing wanted its mum.

So, they got searching. As a baby the little one was unable to search for food for itself and had no real means of being able to stay fed or warm. She was found by Wayne and Lynnette Parsons, who are known animal lovers and extremely nice people. Bottle-feeding her some milk, they did what they could: including giving her a little plushy toy to hold onto, as she would with her mother.

As one would care for the koala, the other would go out to the tree where they had found the little one, hoping the mother would turn up. Eventually, after three days of non-stop searching, they finally saw the mother hanging around the base of the tree looking frantic and in search of something: we now know what.

Taking the mother along to the enclosure where the koala was being kept, the cub was carried to her mother and they were reunited. A few adorable sniffs little, they were embraced in the warmest, cutest hug you are ever likely to see.

The mother seemed to look at the two Parsons, as well, as if to pass on her thanks. She might not speak, but the gratitude could be felt a mile off. After a while, the little creatures were let loose onto the wild reserve near a local golf course after spending two days together in the enclosure, getting used to one another again.

The story managed to get picked up after the Parsons recorded the moment they met once again, and it made the 7 News Adelaide channel. Take a look below, and remember to keep an eye out for any young animals who might need your help, too!

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