Heartwarming: Family Reunites With Sinatra ⋆

Heartwarming: Family Reunites With Sinatra

Have you ever lost a pet? How do you feel when you finally reunite with it? Awesome I guess. That was the same way Lesmore Willis felt when he finally found his lost blue-eyed Sinatra. The five-year-old dog had been missing from his home in Brooklyn until the owner found him to his surprise.

“It was pretty hard to believe at first. I even thought I was dreaming,” Willis said. He was completely dumbfounded when he was told that Sinatra was found 1,100 miles away in Florida.

Dennis Verrill, who found Sinatra, admitted that she wasn’t afraid or reluctant to cooperate with them. Although the dog had an ID strip, it wasn’t helpful due to the wrong contact information on it. But with the help of social media, the magic was done.

On Sunday, friends and family prepared Sinatra for the trip to the East Coast.  But what makes this story so emotional is that Sinatra joined the Willis family 3 years ago as a birthday present for Willis’ daughter, Zion.

Sadly, Zion died in a shooting accident at a friend’s house. And exactly 16 months later, Sinatra ran away from home. One can only imagine the emotional trauma Zion’s parents and Sinatra had to go through during those trying times. “But we are glad she is back with us,” Willis confessed.

How Sinatra traveled from Brooklyn to Tampa remains a mystery to date. But the Willis’s are contented with the presence of Sinatra as it reminds them of their lovely daughter, Zion.

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