Heartwarming: Cop Mysteriously Stands In Rain. Find out way ⋆

Heartwarming: Cop Mysteriously Stands In Rain. Find out way

As a whole, we tend to have a negative few police officers. They’re just those people who are out to get you, pull you over, and give you a ticket.

Often, we forget that their ultimate goal is to serve and protect – not to ruin your day! In fact, some of the most compassionate officers live to protect all sorts of creatures that cross their path.

A Concerning Scene: Standing in Harm’s Way

It was an intensely stormy day in Greenbelt, Maryland. Carolyn Hammett and her husband were slowly making their way home in the warmth and comfort of their own car when they happened on a puzzling and concerning scene.

Everyone should have been shut inside on a day like this, but the Hammets found one who was out in the weather – and willingly, it seemed! Right in the middle of the road, they were driving down stood a police officer.

Was she trying to warn drivers of the conditions? That didn’t make any sense. Soon, they discovered it was someone else entirely that she was protecting.

A Heart-warming Explanation: Protecting an Innocent Creature

In a state of confusion, Carolyn’s husband thought it best to offer her one of their umbrellas. He got out and ran it over to her, still puzzled at her somewhat dangerous position right in the middle of the road.

He expected to find a glum cop, but as he made his way to her, he noted a grin on her face. It was then that he finally understood what she was doing.

The officer’s name was Sharnise Hawkins-Graham, and she had inconvenienced and exposed herself to such harsh elements just to make sure that the turtle slowly making his way across the road did it safely!

The Hammets couldn’t believe it. What a sweet and sympathetic officer, going above and beyond her call of duty! Of course, they joined the effort as well.

The Officer’s Victory: A Rescue and a Reward

Carolyn’s husband quickly made his way to their nearby home to retrieve tools that would aid in safely moving turtle where it belonged and would stay safe.

The officer didn’t leave her post until he returned with some shovels and they carefully moved the innocent animal off the road. Sharnise was celebrated for her small, yet remarkable actions – as she should be!

Sharnise was honored by her superiors with the bestowal of the Greenbelt Police Officer of the Year. What a way for a police officer to go about her job!

She could have kept warm and dry in her police car, but instead, she put the protection of even such a small creature above her own comfort.