Heartbreaking Rare Pics of Princess Diana ⋆

Heartbreaking Rare Pics of Princess Diana

Princess Diana was one of the most famous and pictured women in the world! While it seems like her every move was documented in the ’80s and ’90s by paparazzi, there are many vintage and rare pictures that have been yet unseen by the public providing a more intimate look into her life. It was incredibly sad when she died, and many blame the insane tabloid culture for her death.

Known as “The People’s Princess,” Lady Diana will be forever remembered not only for her beauty and fashion sense but also for her humanitarian work and kindness. She was one of the first members of the Royal Family to advocate for AIDS prevention and treatment. She visited Africa numerous times to try to help those in need.

This was extra special because at this time in history many people held negative stereotypes about AIDS and AIDS sufferers. Moreover, Princess Diana also very much supported educational causes and helped many children in need.

Diana as a person was clearly amazing, as was her fashion sense. She had a number of classy, elegant and progressive looks. Many of her outfit choices became trends around the world, and how can we forget her hair? Even her new haircuts made headlines.

It was everything from her hair, to her smile, to her wardrobe to her as a person that made her so special. She also made royal history by intentionally breaking some rules of Buckingham Palace. For example, she was the first member of the royal family to say her traditional wedding vows without the word “obey.” Meghan Markle followed suit at her wedding, but it was Diana who did it first!

Besides that, who could forget the epic wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Diana? It seemed like everyone in the universe watched the two get married. Her wedding dress was made in secret, and still to this day her train in the longest in royal history. She led such an interesting life, of course, we want to see more of her despite her passing!

So, while it seems like Princess Diana or Lady Diana Spencer was always in the spotlight, there are a number of rare photos that give an intimate glimpse into her life. We compiled 30 of the most intriguing rare photos that show a special side of Diana before her life came to an end

Here we have some rare, behind the scene pictures of our beloved Lady Diana.