Heartbreaking: 7 Year-Old Sends a Letter to His Dad in Heaven ⋆

Heartbreaking: 7 Year-Old Sends a Letter to His Dad in Heaven

A seven-year-old wrote a letter to his dad in heaven; he believed the post office would be able to deliver his letter, and he got a wonderful surprise. After composing the letter and stating his message, Jase, the seven-year-old boy sent ahead to mail his letter to heaven, through the post office.

There was no doubt his letter would reach heaven, and his dad will read it, the letter was written as a birthday message to his dad. In the envelope, Jase added a short note addressed to the postman, requesting he deliver the letter to heaven.

It was a touching scene, at the post office when the staff found out the letter was from a little boy sending his dad birthday wishes in heaven. The short request to the postman read’ ‘Can you take this to heaven for my dad’s birthday, thanks.’

After a few weeks, Jase received a reply. The UK Royal Mail had sent a message confirming his message had been delivered. Jase was so happy to get this message; it felt great knowing that his dad had received his birthday message. In their reply, the Royal Mail stated that they had a tough time navigating through the stars and other parts of the galaxy on their way to heaven but eventually reached the final destination-heaven. And they were happy to inform Jase his letter had been indeed delivered. The letter was signed by Sean Milligan, who is an assistant delivery office manager working at the UK Royal Mail.

Teri Copeland, Jase’s mother, was also caught up with the excitement. She shared the story on Facebook, and it was beautiful. Teri had though there will be no reply and over time, her son will forget about the letter assuming it had been delivered as planned. So it was very nice to receive a confirmation from the Royal Mail that her son’s letter had been delivered to heaven

Teri expressed her appreciation to the staff at the UK Royal Mail for their kind gesture. Think about it, they didn’t have to send a reply, but they did, and it has made a little boy feel much better knowing his dad in heaven got the letter.

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