„Healthy Food“ That Are Actually Not Healthy ⋆

„Healthy Food“ That Are Actually Not Healthy

Whether you want to lose weight or just to eat healthier, you will probably turn to some food always proclaimed as healthy and nutritious. But, are these really what they are stated to be? Be break some myth about healthy food, which really are- not healthy.

Green tea in bottle


This beverage is usually perceived as antioxidant and healthy. Unfortunately, the frequent report suggests that this is rather plain water with sugar. Furthermore, the analysis showed that some brands of green tea do not contain any or contain a significantly lower amount of ECGC, the compound with antioxidant properties presumed to be responsible for prevention of cancer and for weight loss. So, if you want sweet, refreshing, fun beverage, it is fine to take it sometimes. But, if you aim to lower the risk of cancer, osteoporosis, heart diseases or other conditions, you should brew your own cup of tea.

Canned beans

Yes, beans are healthy. But canned version often contains lots of sugar, molasses, and syrup, adding unnecessary calories to the meal. If you want to make your salads and pasta dishes more healthy, add plain beans which have not been processed.

Banana chips

Once again, the original version is healthier. Fresh banana is an excellent source of fibers, potassium, vitamin C and it contains less fat. Chips are fried and have fewer nutrients. Also, calories are important- fresh banana has 105, and an ounce of fried chips has about 150 calories.

Spinach pasta

Although it has a green color, do not be fooled- the amount of spinach in these kinds of pasta, tortillas and noodles is insignificant when compared with real spinach leaves added to your meal. So, if you want vitamins B, fibers, calcium and iron, you should add leaves to your prepared whole grain wraps or pasta.

Rice milk

Truth to be told- rice milk is liquid from rice, high in carbohydrates and low in protein and calcium. The only fortification can add valuable nutrients to this milk. If you can and want to eat diary, it is better to choose fat-free organic cow’s milk, rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, D and B12. If you prefer non-dairy alternatives, soy and almond kinds of milk are better options than rice milk.

Rice crackers

Rice cakes and crackers are considered the best snack for dieting. Yet, this is wrong. Besides the lack of fiber and high amount of sodium, rice crackers are considered carb dense- this means they have a high ratio of carbs compared to total weight. One rice cake weights usually only 9 grams, but 80 percent of that are carbohydrates. (A small potato, often viewed as „bad carb“, can weight 170 grams, but only 23 percent are carbohydrates!) Bear this is mind, as carb dense food is suspected for alteration in gut microflora and can lead to inflammation.

Trail mix

If you want a good combination of carbs, protein and fiber, packed with energy- trail mix may seem as perfect choice. Unfortunately, commercially packed mixes often contain yogurt covered raisins, salty nuts, sesame sticks, sugared fruits or previously mentioned banana chips, all not so healthy versions of allegedly healthy snacks. If you want a really healthy mix, stir together nuts, seeds and a bit of dried fruit and dark chocolate with high percentage of cacao.

Instant oatmeal

This is a good choice for breakfast? Well, only if you make it yourself, by adding fresh fruit and/or a small amount of honey to oatmeal. Flavored packs have a lot of sugar and sodium.