Have We Really Seen the Last of Fleabag? ⋆

Have We Really Seen the Last of Fleabag?

It seems not, even though Phoebe Waller-Bridge was unequivocal about the character’s retirement when she spoke to reporters after the Emmy’s. The star and creator of the hit TV show seemed to backtrack a little during a recent spot on Late Night with Seth Myers by indicating that there may be a little more of Fleabag’s story still to come.

Waller-Bridge, who is currently 34, told Seth Meyers that it would be interesting to see how Fleabag turned out further on in life and that maybe she could come back to her when she’s 50.

That’s a full 16 years to wait, however, other series have had long waits in the past like The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow which had a full decade between the first and second seasons. But, for now, at least, Waller-Bridge is still saying that we have seen the last of Fleabag.

Not Really Going Anywhere

But while Fleabag may be gone it seems that Waller-Bridge is here to stay. Not only did she develop Killing Eve for TV she has also more recently signed a production deal with Amazon. She is currently hosting Saturday Night Live which turned out to be a steeper learning curve than anticipated.

She told Seth Meyers that despite having watched the show she had totally underestimated the amount of effort that it took to create it each week.

Waller-Bridge received the Emmy awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series and Outstanding Comedy Series. Catch season 1 and 2 of Fleabag on Amazon Prime Video and NBC.