Have Thick Eyebrows? You Should Read This ⋆

Have Thick Eyebrows? You Should Read This

Every girl out there focuses on her physical appearance. Women tend to pay a lot of attention to their eyebrows this might be due to that the eyebrow’s shape directly influences how the eyes look overall and in turn how faces look altogether. Some of them like to keep the eyebrows thin whereas some of them like to have thick eyebrows.

Cara Delevigne Instagram

Cara Delevigne is the international eyebrow queen and every girl’s eyebrow goals. Her thick eyebrows are trending for a very long time. Girls experiment with different eyebrow styles throughout their lives. Those who tend to have naturally thick eyebrows or like to keep them thick with the help of an eyebrow pencil are said to have narcissistic personality traits.


The University of Toronto in Canada carried out a research to test this theory. They recruited a sample and asked them to complete a Narcissistic Personality Inventory which is a test that measures levels of narcissism. Before the test, they took photographs of the participants.

The researchers then cropped the photos so that only the eyebrows were visible. The photographs were shown to another group. They were asked to guess by looking at the eyebrows which ones are narcissist’s eyebrows. The participants correctly identified the narcissistic people.


Researching explain this result by saying that the narcissists tend to keep thicker eyebrows to get attention real quick. The lead study author Miranda Giacomin, PhD. Says, “Narcissists love attention and admiration, and may maintain distinct eyebrows so that they are noticed, recognized, and remembered, this increases their likeability and maintains their overly positive self-views”.

Well that being said, it concludes that every one of us who has tried having thick eyebrows have personality traits of a narcissist. The thick eyebrows have also taken other shapes. The garden eyebrow trend is on the rise. It is the mini garden on your eyebrows. This type of eyebrows is a creation of vlogger Taylor R who is a Canadian but currently lives in Hong Kong. She is previously famous for her charismas tree eyebrow trend as well. She has a YouTube channel with approximately 800,000 subscribers and she has posted video tutorial for various eyebrow styles and looks. If you are looking for some amazing eyebrow tutorial videos head over to her channel and watch them all.

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