Happy Ending: Ex-Fighting Pit Bull Turned Police Dog ⋆

Happy Ending: Ex-Fighting Pit Bull Turned Police Dog

One of the worst things that you can do, in my opinion, is put an animal in danger. It’s just senseless: we know that animals work on a far stricter set of societal rules than humans. As such, we use these base instincts to get animals to do our bidding: and it’s not usually for a good purpose. For every store I see like this to make my blood boil, though, I’m blessed by stories like this heart-warming tale from Virginia.

Dallas the Dog (what a name!) spent a good part of his early life scrapping to survive. He was involved in having to take part in fighting rings in Canada, and was part of a 30-pit bull large confiscation carried out by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) three years ago.

The pups were kept using stakes in the ground, and were filled with all manner of evil stuff like steroids to make them ready to fight. Sadly, 21 of the dogs were put down to be euthanized – yet 18 of them were saved in the end-up. Dog Tales, a rescue group from Ontario headed up by all-round good guy Rob Schienberg, stepped in to help out.

Hiring a lawyer to fight their case for them, Pit Sisters, a Florida-based group that helps dogs that have problems getting adopted, took them in. After a while trying to find him a new home, it was discovered that Dallas would be the perfect dog for the boys in blue.

PC Dallas, at your service!

Jen Dean, one of the Founders of Pet Sisters, told The Washington Post: “We knew that his combination of ball drive and his wanting of human praise was the perfect combination to be a police dog,”

While training was a whopping $10,000, Dog Tales covered the cost of training and now Dallas is learning how to be a narcotics sniffing dog. The Throw Away Dogs Project was also involved, with each group playing their part in making sure this delightful dog didn’t have to suffer any more.

The cops also said that they were “super excited” to have him as part of their Virginia team. Dallas, then, becomes of just a few dogs to have made the move from the fighting pit to helping the police. It’s a wonderful moment, and according to Bruce Myers, who’ll be working with Dallas: “If he helps take one brick of heroin off the street, that can save 1,000 people. And he will be incredibly proficient by the time he leaves here.”

Go get ‘em, boy!

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