Gwyneth Paltrow Writing Adult Book, ‘Nothing is off limits’ ⋆

Gwyneth Paltrow Writing Adult Book, ‘Nothing is off limits’

As one of the most popular actresses of her generation, Gwyneth Paltrow has laid down a huge marker on the entire industry. An icon in the movie industry, she’s also become a well-celebrated fashion icon over the years. Her ascension to being one of the most well-respected people in US culture has been o-the-rise for some time. Paltrow, though, looks set to throw her ring into the challenging world of authorship, too.


She’s going for a very ‘adult’ vibe to it, with many people already reminding themselves of the stuffy response to Madonna’ book, Sex, in 1992. That brought about mass condemnation from the more conservative wing of society, and it sounds like Paltrow has her eye on doing more of the same.

While Madonna has done a huge amount with her book, finally helping to get some people to let loose a touch, there’s the hope that this book won’t need to make the same earth-shattering movement. Madonna was slated from all corners of the conservative world for a long time, but she helped, in a way, to get the world to where it is today when it comes to talking about what were once taboo subjects barely spoken of among husband and wife, nevermind anyone else.


Paltrow, actually, has decided to take her book from her own personal experiences. She was kind enough to share some good sex tips with her fans in the past and is now releasing a little “How To” book from her own world. She’s got some pretty wild advice in the book, including some that come from all manner of expert minds on the subject.

She’s got a bunch of experts in the book to help add weight to its credibility. It’s ironic, isn’t it, that we’re so used to celebrities being the endorsement for something an expert has said, that it seems odd when it’s the other way around?


That aside you should definitely look to pick up The Sex Issue if you are based in the USA or Canada. If you aren’t from these two nations, sorry, you’ll need to wait for the digital version.

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