Guy Needed 1M Retweets for a Puppy and the Internet Delivered ⋆

Guy Needed 1M Retweets for a Puppy and the Internet Delivered

Getting permission from our parents can be one of the hardest things to do. There are many times when they say No to your deepest desire. There is this guy who wanted a puppy but his mother refused. The guy went to Twitter and wanted people to support him so that his mother would finally allow him to bring a puppy home.

A Million Retweets: Conditions for Puppy Adoption

Ryan Sesselman was passing by and stopped at a pet store. He looked around and his eyes fell on a cute little puppy. He instantly knew that he had to take the puppy home with him. But there was something he had to do before he could take it home, take permission from his mother. The mother rejected because Ryan already had 2 puppies at home. Ryan asked the condition from his mother. His mother set him a target of 1 million retweets to get that puppy. The target was high but Ryan wanted to give it a shot.

Ryan’s Amazement at Hitting the Mark

Ryan posted the pictures of puppy on the twitter and asked people to retweet it. In a couple of days the tweets went from 0 to 222 to 1 million retweets. Finally the target was reached! This tweet was the 10th most retweeted tweet in the history of twitter. Ryan was overwhelmed by the response people gave him.

Now it was time for Ryan’s mother to meet the puppy. She went to the pet store alone with Ryan and met the puppy. Just as Ryan, his mother also fell for the cute little puppy and signed the papers to bring the puppy home as soon as possible.

The family named the puppy, Milli. Milli is living happily with his new family by the help of a million people. Ryan expresses his joy, “Anything is possible… it’s truly incredible how well this turned out.”

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