Cute and Hilarious Cards From Kids

When we get cards from kids, we usually find ourselves marveling at the innate immaturity and cuteness of their message. Usually caught up in childish language and trains of thought, this often creates a comical image which is sure to create hilarity all-round. However, while most cards from kids are there to draw a smile and a laugh, sometimes we simply find the message to be a bit more inappropriate than first expected.

For example, here are some hilarious gift cards from kids which carries some rather inappropriate terms; the kind that should really raise some eyebrows from adults!

Dear Mom…

This one is pretty hilarious. The kid is clearly looking forward to protecting his mother and is proud that his mom is so awesome. But yeah, maybe don’t threaten to beat up another woman, huh? Not so great.

Toilet Tricks

Hey, the kid has a point. Usually, when we feel like our stomach is killing us, a quick trip to the loo can put those problems behind us. It might be an idea, though, to not be so proud of your toilet habits in the future, little guy/girl!

Domestic Encouragement

This one takes the idea of being pushed to your goals to a whole new level entirely, right? At least the kid is feeling motivated to go and do something good in life thanks to the encouragement of their teacher!

Gambling Spirit

When your 5-year-old hopes that you come back with pennies from Vegas, it’s not really the well-wishing that you would be hoping for! An absolute must for anyone to aim to come back from Vegas with is probably more than pennies, right?

Military Machinations

Kids spelling can be adorable and this one – with corrections – shows you just how easy it is for kids to make a bit of a mistake and change the entire meaning of their card. These soldiers might not want the world to know what they get up to in their spare time!

Feeling Special?

Hey, it’s nice to know that on your special day, you are just one of the 19,000,000 people born, right? What a feeling and a lift that can give you! To know how special you are to be 1 in 19,000,000!

Rabbie Burns, Step Aside 

This kid might need to work on her syntax and her rhyming ability. This one does not really go together, does it Still, an admirable attempt and it’s nice to see a youngster trying to get into poetry. It might just need a bit of work to get it right, but at least she’s trying to master a rather dying art!

If you were to receive any of these from a child in your life, we’re sure it would make you raise a few questions, right? What’s the oddest card that you have received from a youngster who meant well but perhaps never quite caught onto the “real” message of their greeting card?


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