40 Little Known Facts About The Movie Grease


Olivia Newton-John was already an established and popular singer when she starred in the movie Grease. This may be the reason why she found her co-star, John Travolta, star-struck when the two finally met. Travolta was not entirely unknown prior to Grease, as he starred in the box office hit Saturday Night Fever a year before. Eventually, the two got over their initial awkwardness and were able to find their on-screen and off-screen spark.

However, Olivia Newton-John was in doubt of her acting ability as she had never done any major acting roles prior to the movie. She expressed her misgivings in a 1981 interview on The Merv Griffin show, where she said she had to see herself in a screen test with Travolta before she could accept the role. Read on to learn 40 more fascinating facts that few people know about the movie Grease