Google Flight: Why You Pay Too Much to Fly ⋆

Google Flight: Why You Pay Too Much to Fly

When you step foot in an airplane, it’s easy to see why flying is so expensive. The modern aircraft is a truly special creation; an item far more impressive than the mere sum of its parts. However, that being said, many people never truly appreciate flight in its true sense.

They look at more of the cost of the price per ticket, not the price of the aircraft itself to build. When you look beyond the marvel of the machinery, though, the pricing of airline tickets can seem a little prohibitive. Well, thanks to Google, we can now make sure we know exactly how much more we’re paying than we should.

The lovely new Google tool that is being brought out to help flyers get better deals is going to be great for those looking for better value when they take to the skies. Paying so much more for all the little things on a flight is a pain, but it’s something most of us are now used to paying for in the first place.

The hope is that with this tool, you can start arguing back with the flight staff who ask you to pony up or miss out.

This system is going to be armed with useful information to let you know what kind of features will be missing from your ticket, and also what kind of cancellations/delays you could suffer from based on past precedent. If there is an 80% plus chance that your flight could be delayed or canceled, they’ll tell you.

By helping you to spend less and to avoid getting into a risky flight situation, this will help flyers to be far more conscious about how they fly and, crucially, who they fly with.

Make Flying a Cheaper, Less Stressful Experience

These new features are going to be so useful for anyone who is worried about flying and getting ripped off again. It will help you to avoid the horrible “fly or die” flights that so many book-up due to the alleged convenience or value.

Now, you should be much more likely to be able to fly with considerable confidence. From helping you to spot needless baggage fees to hidden costs, Google Flight will make buying airline tickets a much easier, less stress, less expensive experience.

With new airlines being added to it all the time, too, you should find it easier to make sure your next flight is going to cost you far less than you last!