Most Charitable Celebrities Ever ⋆

Most Charitable Celebrities Ever

Being a celebrity means you attract publicity wherever you go or whatever you do. With this level of attention comes the ability to influence society. Furthermore, being famous is undoubtedly lucrative, and it seems many stars today have hearts of gold as they donate bundles of their hard-earned cash to charitable organizations the world over.

Hilary Swank

Two-time Oscar-winning actress, Hilary Swank, has used her fame and fortune for the greater good. The actress has donated to various charities such as AIDS LIFE, UNICEF, SPCA, PATH, and Stand Up To Cancer among others.

The Academy Award winner previously promoted the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign which donates real-hair wigs to women who’ve lost their hair undergoing chemotherapy. She also organized the Blue Planet Run Foundation which raises money to help people without safe drinking water.

Swank also spent time volunteering in India with United Planted, working with children in an orphanage in a village called Palampur in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Freddie Mercury

While he was still around, Freddie helped the Live Aid show rise millions for starving African children and families, but after his death, the remaining Queen members created the Mercury Phoenix Trust, (Brian May, Roger Taylor and manager Jim Beach). In the last 21 years, the Trust has been able to help over 700 projects around the globe with over 15 million dollars to battle against HIV/AIDS.

Seth Green

Seth Green may be known for his comedic roles, but his list of assisting charitable causes is no laughing matter. The actor and comedian spends his downtime traveling to help people in need, having volunteered with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, and Doctors Without Borders in various locations around the world.

Green used his acting talents to participate in a sketch for Amnesty International’s 2006 “Secret Policemen Ball” alongside fellow actor Chevy Chase.

Regarding helping people, Green said, “In my opinion, you’ve got to help others and being busy is no excuse — you just have to make the time to help. That’s why I volunteer and support these organizations, I hope you will too!”