Get Your Family Ready For St Patrick’s Day ⋆

Get Your Family Ready For St Patrick’s Day

Sunday March 17th is officially St Patrick’s Day.  It’s the time to go completely green, from your clothes to your beer.  Having kids may mean you can’t take part in the St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up all the fun of this day altogether!

Green Drinks for All

You can still enjoy your green beer but let your kids in on the fun of green drinks, too!  A little green food coloring added to a clear beverage like Sprite, 7-Up or ginger ale will give your kids the green giggles.  For even more fun, mix a little food coloring into ice cream and let the kids enjoy a green ice cream float or even a nice, green milk shake.  Serve up their green drinks in clear glasses or mugs.

Check out these green smoothies and Shamrock shakes guaranteed to please your little leprechaun.

Play Games with a Twist

Any game you play from tag to hopscotch can be played with a St. Patrick’s Day slant.   Use your imagination or get the kids to help you create a new game.

Lucky Shamrocks

You can plant shamrocks with your kids and give them out as St. Patrick’s Day gifts.  Shamrocks are good luck for everyone.  Teach your kids the meaning of the clover in Irish lore, and the difference between a shamrock and a clover.

Eat an Irish Classic

From Irish stew,  colcannon, to corned beef and cabbage, Ireland is known for hearty and delicious meals that are easy to make.  Try one of these traditional meals with your family this St. Patrick’s Day, and let the kids join in the cooking fun in the kitchen.  Fun note: play some upbeat Irish tunes while you cook.

Make St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

No matter how old your kids are, they are never too old for some fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts.  Try making some projects that focus on rainbows, leprechauns, and clovers.

Trap a Leprechaun

Did you know that, according to Irish legend, when you catch a leprechaun, he will take you to the end of a rainbow and give you his pot of gold.  Build a leprechaun trap with your children and try it out for yourself.

Add some leprechaun bait such as gold (paint some rocks yellow).  For added fun, you can leave some shamrocks or even a few splashes of glitter to convince your child that the trap almost caught a leprechaun.

Learn About St. Patrick and Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful island with a rich and fascinating culture.  Teach your kids all about Ireland, from its beautiful castles to the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day itself.

You can also share a great book on St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland.  A Fine St. Patrick’s Day is a charming story featuring a very young heroine.  Written by Susan Wojciechowski, it’s a great book with a wonderful plot and a heartwarming lesson.

Make Some St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

Snacks, deserts, and treats all have a special St. Patrick’s Day twist to them on March 17.  You can make green cake pops, or just turn a boxed cake mix green by adding food coloring to the batter and the frosting.  Don’t forget the rainbows; make rainbow cookies, fudge or marshmallow clouds.

Don’t forget the usual green foods like pistachio or lime Jell-O. Add some food coloring to puddings or popcorn. Avoid the temptation to make an authentic Irish desert; these tend to be far less sweet than what Americans are accustomed to in their deserts.

Attend a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

On St. Patrick’s Day, parades can be found in every city or town all across the nation.  Check your listings to find parades and festivals near you.  Get into the spirit and wear green top hats, green clothes, green beaded necklaces and if you’re gifted, try your hand at face-painting rainbows or shamrocks on your kids’ cheeks.

Don’t forget to dress for the weather though.  Wear St. Patrick’s Day themed sweatshirts and bundle under green blankets, sipping on green hot chocolate flavored with mint and green mini-marshmallows.