Legendary Studio 54 Groovy Photos ⋆

Legendary Studio 54 Groovy Photos

If you were in New York back in the 1970s and 1980s the number one nightclub was Studio 54. This was the place to be seen. The first challenge was getting through the door – Studio 54 was well known for hosting wild parties for the most exclusive of clientele.

Greased Lightning

“Grease” is one of the iconic movies of the 1970s, and after its 1978 release, Olivia Newton-John celebrated on the dance floor at Studio 54.  Grease was the ultimate feel-good movie and had audiences singing along for decades after it first hit the screens. In this picture, Olivia Newton-John is hanging out with Elton John near the dance floor, like the besties they seem to be.

Meet The Manager

When he wasn’t on the door making sure that only the right people got into the club, Studio 54 co-owner Rubell would like to take some time out of running the place and making sure everything went to plan, to go and mingle with his guests.

Sometimes the stars can get distracted like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.  Luckily Rubell could continue the chat with King of Pop Michael Jackson.  What a great job when you get to mix with such interesting and famous people!

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