Get the Gossip from Coachella’s First Week ⋆

Get the Gossip from Coachella’s First Week

As one of the largest musical and cultural festivals on the planet, Coachella is a major event every single year. However, the first week of the festival has now completed itself, and those visiting California have already endured a very busy, exciting week.

As you might imagine, the weekends tend to become a point of absolute madness for those who like a good time. If you would like a recap of some of the crazy stuff that has gone down at Coachella in the first, here are some of the more outrageous stories.

Justin Bieber Gets Vicious.


Justin Bieber, one of the most famous artists in the world, has become known for controversial moments. This one, though controversial, actually was pretty cool. Spending time at a party at the event, Bieber was witness to someone, clearly full of drugs, grabbing what was believed to be his ex-girlfriend. When Bieber and his buddies tried to talk the guy into stopping, Bieber apparently smacked him in the face and pinned him against a wall, as the girl escaped. The man was huckled off by the cops, and rightly so given the nature of his behaviour!

Some Went Too Far.


One of the people in amongst the massive crowds at Coachella was Victoria’s Secret model, Taylor Hill. Hill was pictured in a less than sober state, and was captured being carried around the festival by some of her mates. Hey, we’re all allowed to let loose a little – just perhaps not as much as Hill has!

Kylie Jenner is a Cool Mum.



The one thing that any mother dreads is going from being cool and hip to being a mum who hates all modern culture. It would appear that Kylie Jenner isn’t quite ready to fall into the trap of being an ‘uncool mom’ and posted a few funny shots claiming that she’s a ‘cool mom’ – and rightly so. Given her celebrity, we’d suggest she’s not going to quite fall down the same trap as most moms!

The Weeknd Gets Wild.


Ever since The Weeknd blew onto the scene, he’s been gaining a lot of attention for his completely unique manner of doing things. When he opened up Coachella with some pretty tearful takes on his Call Out My Name song, everyone assumed it was a pointed message towards his ex Selena Gomez. However, later on that night he was seeing floating around with another ex, Bella Hadid. The fella clearly has no qualms about playing up to his reputation as being a bit of a player!

We’re sure that there’ll be even more madness to come from the time left at Coachella. So far, it’s been a mental experience and it’s already living up to the massive reputation that the event has garnered over the years. One major reason why so many people are into Coachella is the wild night that take place. Well, it would appear that Coachella 2018 is living up to the expectations perfectly!

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