Georgia Teen Accepted in 50+ Colleges ⋆

Georgia Teen Accepted in 50+ Colleges

When it comes time to apply for the college system in the United States, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

This is a system that is loaded with extensive pressure for everyone involved. It’s a process that, from our earliest years in school, we’ve been working towards.

The question though isn’t so much what college you want to go to, but what colleges will accept you. Some of us are luckier than others. Others just apply to every college and hope for the best. For the lucky few, though, that can result in a lot more application successes than you would have expected.

For example, one teenager in Georgia was unsure of where she wished to go to for college. So, she applied for a whole host of colleges across the United States. In return, she received a whopping 50-plus acceptance messages.

Jakelia Baker found the choice of where to go for college quite hard to decide, so just applied for as many as she could. Indeed, she applied for around 65 schools, with around 55 getting back to her to notify her of her success!

Indeed, it was noted that this would account to over $1.3m in scholarship awards. Image knowing that you were this in-demand. It’s an incredible achievement and one that is very much worth showing as news.

Beware of Analysis Paralysis

People who are struggling to decide what college to apply for might be suffering from ‘analysis paralysis’: spending so long trying to make a decision that you decide nothing.

Well, people like Jakelia make it easier to see why you should be as ambitious as possible. Eventually, Ms. Baker decided to attend Penn State Beaver on an athletic scholarship. Having used various admissions apps, such as Common App, she was able to quickly and easily apply for more than one school.

Many of us simply just go with the most affordable or most logistically suitable college that we can get access to. For Jakelia, the aim was to find somewhere that suited her needs – that, though, can be tough to work out.

When so many of the colleges get back to you, as well, the choice becomes even harder. Often, we are waiting to be rejected and denied by certain schools to help us make our decision. When the vast majority come back saying yes, how do you make the decision?

With a 4.1 GPA and with an incredible athletics record, the future looks very bright for Jakelia. A variable sports player with skills in everything from soccer to golf, she’s an all-rounder with incredible talent. Heading off to Pennsylvania, she’ll be playing volleyball.

As Jakelia noted herself, so sagely for one so young: “If you continue to keep pushing, you will succeed,” and she’s right: don’t hold back on those applications. You might just shock yourself how in-demand your talents are.