George W. Bush in Comical Scenes at Wedding ⋆

George W. Bush in Comical Scenes at Wedding

As a former Republican President of the United States, George W. Bush has many detractors. The controversy of his two terms in charge is nigh-endless, and it’s created one of the most fractured periods of political upheaval in recent times. Given the decisions that he often made, there’s a lot to be said for what Bush has done and the legacy that he left behind.

That being said, he does have a human side that even the darkest of hearts can appreciate. Bush, now 71, was recently pictured at his nephew’ wedding on 24th March. The wedding held in Colorado Springs looked to be a sensational bash.

Here he is as president trying to get down on it.

He’s seen trying to start a conga line, too and showing a totally different side to himself than we ever seen when he was in office. Even then, Bush has a bit of a history with dance moves and not being able to avoid a boogie – even when it may not be appropriate.

For example, in 2016 he came under fire when he was seeing swaying around to the Battle Hymn of the Republic, which was being played at a memorial for Dallas police officers who had died.
While he was never one for timing, often with comedic effect, he was always someone with a bit of zip and personality.

His dance moves, for example, have been always been part of what people like(d) about Bush. While not many people can look at the whole of his eight years as a success, he’s a man who still gets attention due to his more charismatic side.

He’s seen having a great time, dancing away to the music and bouncing around with the bride, Sarahbeth Melton.
While many might not exactly want to sit and applaud along given his political decisions, Bush is certainly allowed to have a good time. We all are. The videos of him dancing and giving it large at the wedding are ones which should immediately stand out.

In the past, he’s had plenty of comical moments. From his infamous “Yo, Blair” to then UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair to his outrageous poncho, Bush is always someone who has been able to make laughs. While you might not exactly want ‘being the class clown’ as your legacy when you were in charge of the country, it at least shows that Bush did – and does – have a more humane side than many of us get to see.