Mystery ‘Garfield’ Phones Wash Up on French Shores ⋆

Mystery ‘Garfield’ Phones Wash Up on French Shores

Over the past 30 years, plastic ‘Garfield’ phones have been washing up at random on beaches in France, now the locals have finally figured out why.

For 30 years or so local beach cleaners in France have been finding washed up “Garfield” phones and have had no idea why the bright orange plastic telephones have been appearing.

These retro landline type plastic phones have been turning up over the last 3 decades and people had no idea exactly where from or why.  According to AFP the locals have now discovered the phones have been coming from a shipping container that was spilled during a storm back in the 1980s, after finding it in a partially submerged cave.

Claire Simonin heads the local group of Ar Viltansou, which is in charge of beach cleaning in Brittany.  She told AFP that they had found a fissure containing the remains of a container.  The fissure is over 100 feet deep but at the entrance the found 23 of the Garfield handsets underneath some boulders.

Secret Cave

Although the local beach cleaners may have discovered where the phones came from there are several missing details regarding what actually happened to the container and how it became wedged in the cave. It is also not known if the ‘Garfield’ handsets have ended up in any other locations.

Fabien Boileau, the Finistere based director of Iroise Marine Nature Park told AFP that they still have no idea what had actually happened.  There is no clue as to what boat the container was from or where it originated, or even if it is only one container that fell overboard – there could be more.

For now, the local French cleaners will still be collecting any washed up “Garfield” phones and perhaps keep a look out for any other plastic novelty items they may find washed up on the coast.