Game of Thrones or Royalty? The Predicted Baby Names of 2018

As every year passes, we hear more and more outrageous names being shouted out in shopping centers and malls. From hearing people named after countries to crisp packets, we can find ourselves dealing with just about any kind of name that you might imagine. That being said, while a name is only a name, people do tend to follow trends even when it comes to things like naming their kids.

So, what are the most popular names being suggested at this moment in time? According to the data, the British Royal Family will play a major role in 2018. People are seemingly desperate to name their kids after the Royals, and it’s becoming a major trend across British culture.

With Prince Harry recently announcing his engagement to Meghan Markle, it would appear that Royal fever has once again returned to the British public. Apparently, both George and Charlotte are among two of the most popular names being given out at this moment in time across the Western World alongside other regular royal names such as James, Henry, and Arthur. This is becoming a very popular thing to notice, and plays a major role in the development of how families see themselves in many ways.

More people than ever seem to be catching up with their love of the Royals, and it’s beginning to have a say on how they even raise their own families. For anti-Royalists, though, you might be pleased to know that it isn’t just the British Royal Family that is having an impact on naming conventions.

At the moment, people are regularly calling themselves Arya. This is apparently inspired by the massive uptake on fantasy series Game of Thrones, with people making the most of its popularity. The same as back in the day there was seemingly an uptake in kids being called Luke and Leia thanks to the success of Star Wars.

Other popular names at the moment in the UK for new-born kids include Noah, Oliver and Olivia alongside other popular names like Lily, Isla, Matilda, Freya and Ella. A lot of names are appearing that many people would never have previously considered naming their children, but it’s part of cultures merging together and creating a universal world-view.

For example, it’s common to hear people calling their kids the names of countries, even states. In my own street personally, I have a Dallas and a Florida!

While more classic names like Archie, Alfie, Joshua, Jacob, Charlie and Jack are all very popular at the moment, too, other names such as Leo, Oscar, Max, Theo and Oliver are all becoming quite commonplace for young boys.

For girls, everything from Florence and Willow to Matilda and Ruby is very common popular names at the moment. If you are having a child in 2018, then, you might do well to keep in mind that out their names appears to be the way that people are approaching the naming of their children at this present moment in time!

What would you call your child?

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