Funny: Moms Do Kate Middleton's Look Right After Giving Birth! ⋆

Funny: Moms Do Kate Middleton’s Look Right After Giving Birth!

On April 23, 2018, Baby Prince Louis was born. His mother, Kate Middleton, also known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was always known for her looks and as a better-dressed person than most people on earth.

But no one expected her to look so radiant as she did coming out of the hospital,  just seven hours after giving birth. Looking perfect, almost carefree, well-rested with the little prince in her hand. She looked like a Million dollars (or Pounds), pretty much just the opposite of every average mom that just undergone several hours of giving birth.

Of course, social media could not stay silent after seeing her photos with the red dress coming out of hospital, and many new moms decided to share their own experiences comparing them to the perfect photos of the Duchess.

The comparison shows that there is clearly a difference between a Royal birth to… well, any birth really.

One mother decided to show that she cannot look so good even after a short daily task with the kids.

One Instagram user was actually happy that she didn’t fulfill her mother’s dreams to marry royalty.

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