Funny Girl Lady Gaga Off To Broadway ⋆

Funny Girl Lady Gaga Off To Broadway

Having moved away from the pop anthems that made her a global story, Lady Gaga has moved into a whole new world of entertainment. For anyone who watches horror and thriller TV, you will have seen her in stuff like American Horror Story, where she makes a habit of being half-naked and eating people in orgies. Yeah.


Now, though, she’s moving into another new challenge for the multi-talented superstar. She’s moving into Broadway musicals, taking part in a recreation of Funny Girl. It’s going to be spectacular, we can just feel it.

The work was announced by Rosie O’Donnell, who also said that Gaga will be playing Fanny Brice. O’Donnell will take on the role of the mother, Rose. It was announced at Randy Rainbow over at the Paramount Theatre, New York.

Gaga is taking the approach to the movie industry that many previous singing stars have, such as her idol Barbra Streisand. She moved into the movie industry after having some musical hits too, and even played the same role as Gaga will in her own 1963 take on Funny Girl.

Lady Gaga with Bradly Cooper on ‘A Star Is Born’

This all comes from the clamor to see more after Gaga performed so well in her A Star is Born performance, where she played Ally. Indeed, Streisand also took part in this film before – playing Esther in the 1976 edition.

A Long Time Coming

Indeed, this has been on the shelves for a while, as a 2012 edition of Funny Girl was announced by never taken any further. According to Bob Boyett, who was to be a producer: “Given the current economic climate, many Broadway producing investors have found it impossible to maintain their standard level of financial commitment.”

Lady Gaga & Rosie O’Donnell

However, don’t be expecting any major imminent announcement or release. Gaga is still in the studio, working on her latest studio album, before beginning a two-year concert tour as part of her Lady Gaga Enigma tour in Las Vegas.

So, while this is almost definitely going to happen in the near future, there is no cast iron guarantee as to when. Make no mistake, though, Lady Gaga is more than capable of doing this – alongside being a tremendous singer, she’s an enigmatic personality who knows how to play the part.

Rosie O’Donnell discussing the roll

If she lands this role and puts her heart and soul into it, she’ll be as successful on-stage as she is in the studio.

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