Frugal In-Laws Charge Daughter-in-Law Three Figure Red Wine Bill ⋆

Frugal In-Laws Charge Daughter-in-Law Three Figure Red Wine Bill

When you go round to the in-laws, that sense of trepidation and awkwardness is palpable. Even when you get on quite well, there’s always that … whiff … in the air. That feeling that something is not quite right. However, no matter how awkward you feel having to make small talk with the in-laws, you will likely never have to go through an experience quite as embarrassing as this person did.

Going around to see the in-laws five months into a pregnancy means that you should be given some kind of slack to your behavior, right?

Well, when this daughter-in-law knocked over a glass of red wine at their house, it was all just one of those things. Shrugged off, not exactly a big deal. And then…

Thankfully the names have been erased from this particular Mumsnet post but….yeah. not really sure how to take this one myself, what do you think?

“Went to PIL’ [parents-in-law] home last weekend, had a glass of wine and I accidentally dropped it,” the story begins. “No big deal, they shrugged it off.”

Despite supposedly having a good relationship, having been together for four years with her partner, she expected there to be a cordial relationship at least. However, things took a rather odd turn.

“I didn’t know at the time, but said wine glass apparently happens to be a pretty high end,” she explains.

“FIL [father-in-law] has this morning sent me an email saying that I can just transfer the £156 to him or buy the glass online. At first, I thought it was a joke only to realize that these people have no sense of humor.“Really shocked at this as they are not known for being stingy.”

Yeah, not really sure what to say here. it’s a bit of a ridiculous situation, and it’s a hell of a lot of cash to throw on a posh wine glass. Maybe not hand out the three-figure wine glasses to the pregnant woman, eh?

Most people, thankfully, agreed with her that these people were being ill-considerate and rather weird, frankly. Apparently, they are quite well-off, anyway and are probably in a better position to replace the thing in the first place.

There’s always one, though, who has to take the contrarian view, saying: “If I broke something at someone else’s house I would offer to replace it and expect to do so.

Is this really going to court?

“Your FIL is rude to ask, but it’s even poorer form that the OP [original poster] didn’t offer in the first place.”

“Yeah, let’s spend the money meant for the upcoming baby on a wine glass, shall we?” Again, don’t leave the expensive glasses out if you’re too precious to worry about them getting broken. A little tip for anyone desperate to charge a pregnant lady three figures for a drinking utensil.


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