Paralyzed Sportsman Gets All Terrain Wheelchair ⋆

Paralyzed Sportsman Gets All Terrain Wheelchair

Three all-terrain wheelchairs are being given away by the Northwest Sportmans Club.  These track chairs can operate in multiple terrains allowing wheelchair users to travel to places that have previously been out of reach.

In October 2018 Jordan Smith was given one of the chairs by NWSC and says the chair gave him his freedom and his life back.

Simon was paralyzed during a windstorm near his home in North Idaho.  Driving along a lake road Simon was in the middle of a group of cars when a tree fell hitting his car.  As a result of his injuries, he was paralyzed from the chest down.

Unfortunately, in 2018 he had a second motor vehicle accident when he rolled his truck.  Simon missed a concert because of hospitalization but was able to chat to Garth Brooks on video.

A new lease on life

Simon says that having been a sportsman and then being severely hampered in his ability to get around affected his mental health and that the track chair has given him a new lease on life.  He would like to see as many people benefit from these chairs as possible.

The chairs are gifted by the NWSC which relies on community donations in order to continue to get these chairs to those who need them.  Anyone who would like to donate can do so via their website.