Food Network Invites Martha Stewart, Bobby Flay Into Your Kitchen ⋆

Food Network Invites Martha Stewart, Bobby Flay Into Your Kitchen

Whether you’ve never felt very confident in the kitchen or you’re just getting tired of the same old recipes, Discovery’s new Food Network Kitchen app could be the answer to your kitchen quandaries.

This new subscription-based service gives regular people like you and me the opportunity to cook, bake, barbecue, and more with some of the most famous chefs, cookbook authors, and culinary influencers out there.

If you’re about to stop reading because you think this is just another recipe app, well, you’ve got another thing coming. The app is interactive and live, enabling you to speak directly with the chefs as well as the Food Network Kitchen culinary team during each session.

“If you’re stumped by grating garlic or peeling ginger, ask your questions and get answers,” the Food Network said in a press release.

You’ll get to see each week’s line-up at least one week in advance, and you can even buy the groceries you need through the app and have them delivered to your home!

“As we talked to more customers, we heard that they were often not feeling confident in the kitchen, and wanted help,” Tyler Whitworth, senior vice president and general manager of direct-to-consumer at Food Network parent company Discovery, told CNET.

“We built this kitchen companion that customers could use on a regular basis to help them build their skills and have more fun in the kitchen,” he added.

Turning Up The Heat

Discovery is taking cooking to a whole new level. For those who already enjoy the art, it will be a thrill to learn from some of the best, like Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart, Ina Garten, and more. And it makes those who feel a bit daunted or unenthused by the kitchen willing to dust off those old kitchen tools and give it a try.

Every month, on-demand courses and classes will debut, and you’ll have your choice of all sorts of cuisines as well as baking and cake decorating Thanksgiving favorites, and so much more. And you’ll also find some seasonal series like “Christmas Cookie Challenge,” “Holiday Baking Championship,” and “Ultimate Hanukkah Challenge.”

What’s more, the app integrates with your Amazon Alexa so you can be hands-free while you work! The subscription is just $48 a year, $4 per month, with so much at your fingertips – advanced search functionality, thousands of recipes, step-by-step videos, etc. If you sign up now, you can get a 90-day free trial.

In addition, for each purchase of a Food Network Kitchen premium annual subscription, 100 meals are provided for children through No Kid Hungry.