5 Comical Parenting Pictures That Will Make You LOL ⋆

5 Comical Parenting Pictures That Will Make You LOL

For anyone who is a parent, you will be all too aware of how easy it is to find yourself dealing with a bit of a drama at home. It’s a common part of modern parenting, but it can often be way too easy to find ourselves in foolish situations.

If you would like to see a good example of this, then take a look below. We’ve grabbed some examples of hilarious parenting fails that simply let the kids feeling VERY awkward indeed. Take note parents; these are the problems you should work to avoid!

Say Cheese!

When we take photos with our kids, we often want that serene, tranquil and stage-managed shot. With this amazing shot, though, we get to see the kid falling over mid-shot. Watch the amazing shots on both parents faces as the little one does the most comical of tumbles it’s the kind of awesome shot that captures the true harmony in a family, even if we imagine that the parents would probably wish their little one stayed upright!

Playtime Consequence.

When we take our kids out for a fun time in the park, it’s commonplace that they come back covered in mess and muck. This comical one shows you the perfect example of this; all covered in dirt, mud ad mess. She’s got all sorts of mess in her hair, from seed hulls to little bits of bark. A comical image that any parent who has a child that loves the outdoors will immediately notice and laugh at!

Unhappy Kid.

This little kid wasn’t too impressed, obviously. When the kids go to school for themed days like Pyjama Day, we often get to enjoy the humour and charm of it all. When mom gets PJ day and Photo Day mixed up though, it can make for a rather awkward photo. While we dig the little man clothing and his charming pair of shoes to go with, he’s obviously not very impressed by the fact that he’s been left looking a touch less formal than this pals!

Watching Guard.

This awesome little lemur has obviously decided that the little one needs a bit of help and protection. This will give you a bit of extra sense of comfort unless of course, that lemur has just helped himself into the pram to watch after the little one. There’s nothing worse than going to the zoo and having to try to keep the animals out of the pram of your beloved child!

Not there!

This HILARIOUS shot is the perfect example of children not really understanding the rules. Ever take your kids around the store, only to find them getting a touch too friendly with display items? This is the perfect example. This little man decided that he needed to go for a wee, so decided to use the display toilet in the store. It’s no surprise to find out that mother wasn’t present at this point – come on dad, pay attention!

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