Finally: Katy Perry and Taylor Swift End Famous Feud ⋆

Finally: Katy Perry and Taylor Swift End Famous Feud

You might think that with such bad blood between pop stars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, that reconciliation would be far off the cards. Despite being two of the biggest names in their respective niches, there’s been bad blood between the pair for a long time.


However, it appears to have come to an end when Katy Perry quite literally extended the olive branch to Swift. This came via a wreath of olive branches sent to Swift, with proof coming via her posting on Instagram, captioned “Thank you Katy”

It also comes with a note from Perry herself, saying: “Hey Old Friend — I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and hurt feelings between us. I really want to clear the air,

“I’m deeply sorry.”

If you are interested, by the way, the feud goes back a good five years back. Despite being all pally throughout all manner of different stages in their career, including a famous duet in 2010 when they performed “Hot n Cold” in Los Angeles, it all came to a head in 2013. This happened when Perry decided to hire three dancers who were part of Swift’ troupe for her “Prismatic” tour in, during the “Red” tour that Swift was holding.


It then came to a head via petty messages about “Regina George in sheep’s clothing …” and a bunch of rather needless complaints about trying “to sabotage an entire arena tour.”

Naturally, this left the two stars without too much of a good place to start in terms of reconciliation. This, though, appears to be the first signs that there might be life yet in the character of two of pop music’ more famous stars in the present era.

There’s a lot more to this feud, but frankly a lot of it is childish to the point where it makes you wonder if it’s all stage-managed. It’s nice to see that, if it was real, then all of that nonsense over the years from music videos and interviews clearly aimed at one another can come to an end.

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