Finally Answered: Will Piano Lessons Help Your Child Develop? ⋆

Finally Answered: Will Piano Lessons Help Your Child Develop?

For years, parents have looked for numerous ways to help their children grow. Development in a young mind can be a tough balance to locate, but it’s definitely one of the most rewarding experiences for a parent. However, finding ways to ensure the harmonious development of your child can be tough work: what can you do when this is the case?

One of the most common solutions, apparently, is to get your child learning piano. Those melodic hums can become a truly special way to help keep your child in a sound state of mind. Added to the harmony, though, is the challenge in learning the piano. By persevering through that challenge, your child can find mental development easier to grasp.

Learn to play

With the summer now in the midst of its most strenuous period for parents, you may fear the drain of any enthusiasm for learning. Your children will want to spend their days doing something fun, after all. What you can do, then, is combine together the unique learning power of playing the piano by making it an activity to be enjoyed.

Your children are much more likely to enjoy playing the piano if they feel it’s something enjoyable, rather than seeing it as another learning tool. According to studies, though, convincing your child to try and learn the piano is very much worth your time.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research has been on the case for some time. according to cognitive neuroscientist John Gabrieli, this is a pretty significant breakthrough, saying: “There’s evidence that early exposure to piano practice enhances the processing of sounds that extend not only from music but also into language,”

A Significant Change

Indeed, it was found that by looking into the way that 74 different Mandarin-speaking children, aged 4-5, were able to change their learning style by playing the piano. After six months of piano, it was found that these children were better at locating spoken words that might be slightly different in writing, even by a single consonant.

In fact, these kids were even better at pointing this out than children who underwent extra reading training. By making children better at picking out the subtle difference in words due to getting used to learning about pitches and tones from the piano, this can be a truly epic learning opportunity for most children.

Of course, it’s not 100% guaranteed to turn your child into some kind of genius. If you want to help your children become more creative and to help them become more comfortable with the language, then learning the piano might just be the ideal place to start.

It’s never to early to have you children starting playing the piano, don’t believe us? check these videos below:

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