Family: Dog Travels in Couple’s Converted School Bus ⋆

Family: Dog Travels in Couple’s Converted School Bus

Road trips are the best way to relax and enjoy life with your loved ones. Selima and Felix all every materialist things one would want but their souls were not fulfilled, they were working like machines and needed to hunt for happiness in their lives. The couple along with their dog named Rudi went on a road trip what they call as, “Expedition Happiness”.

They sold their home and furniture and bought an old school bus online.

To get their bus they flew to America, got their bus and customized it by watching YouTube tutorials. The hard labor isn’t something they were used to doing. 2 days before their American visa was expiring they went to Canada from North Caroline and started their adventure.

The couple along with Rudi traveled to see Alaska’s glaciers, Desert Mountains in Mexico and all the oceans that came their way. They documented their trip for the firm Expedition Happiness which is now available to watch on Netflix.

Out and about

Selima told that they didn’t plan this trip, each morning they would wake up and decide where to go. She summarizes the places she visited in the following words, “We ended up traveling to Alaska and then down the west coast until LA where we went inland to go to Death Valley and Grand Canyon. From there it was always south, all the way through Mexico, until we stopped in Tulum. We really enjoyed Mexico. It’s just such an amazing place with the kindest people I’ve met in a long time. But we were also blown away by Alaska, Banff National Park and the desert in the US.”

Rudi Project

Rudi who was also traveling with the couple loved exploring new places and at the end of the day we would crawl back into his small cave with the people is loves the most. “I think he loved it that the bus was so small ’cause we were always together”, says Selina.

The trip wasn’t all about happiness and chilling. With happiness comes hardships as well. The couple had trouble at US border with the agent who tried to deny their visas. One of the saddest part was when Rudi fell it. Selima emotionally talks about Rudi’s illness, “In Canada we noticed that Rudi, our dog, started to limp. We got him checked at a specialist clinic and learned he had to undergo surgery. It was really hard for us to see him in pain.

The thing with traveling is, you will have bad days but something always happens on the next day which makes it all worth it.

Good and bad

The biggest pitfall was when Rudi got ill in Mexico with a disease from a tick bite and gastritis from the medication.”

When the Rudi fell ill, they knew the trip is not going to last any longer, they knew it was time for them to go home and settle down. Selima and Felix bought a house in countryside. They have also brought a friend for Rudi, another Bernese mountain dog.

The couple came back with empty pockets but they had the best time and they will show their kids the beautiful world they live in. Finally the couple found happiness as Selima says, “After looking for it all over the world, ironically, we found happiness back home”

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