Falling Out of Love? Here’s Food for Thought ⋆

Falling Out of Love? Here’s Food for Thought

When we are in a happy and blissful relationship, we can feel like this part of the experience will never end. We love spending every waking moment with our partner, and we cannot get enough of their signs, stories, and personality.

We are addicted to them in a way that is hard to escape and to forget about. When that happens, we think things will never change. One day, though, you could wake up and have a totally different set of feelings about that person who you thought you loved unconditionally.

You now don’t have anything like the same strength of feeling for them. So, what can you do?

Talk to them about the issue

First off, you might find that your biggest emotional change came from finding out something about them you cannot accept. For example, you could have unbridgeable views on things like politics, culture, or the world at large. This can be a wake-up call, but you should look to talk to them about it first and foremost.

There has been a lifestyle change

One other reason why you might start feeling different is that you have gone through a lifestyle change. Perhaps you dropped a bad habit that you both enjoyed, such as smoking, or you’ve taken on a new job/changed social circles.

Either way, this can be a major reason why your mind-set changes toward your partner: you just don’t live the same life that you did when you first got together, changing your tastes. Can you get over that or overcome it?

You’ve been feeling this for a while, right?

You might feel that you woke up one day and viewed your entire relationship in a new light. However, is it really such a sudden change? For many of us, we’ve been gradually feeling like this for a while.

If you are noticing that you have gradually been more negative and irritable towards your partner, then this has been coming for some time. What are you doing to do?

Should you talk about this in such a manner?

We recommend that you try and talk out the problems that you are having, and see what your partner feels about your new take on things. You should be honest, but make it clear that you want to find a solution (if you do wish to find a solution, that is).

It’s better to be honest than find yourself being rude and passive-aggressive to them needlessly.

Is my relationship dead?

No, it does not have to be. It is if you want it to be. It all comes down to what kind of thinking you wish to do, and what kind of planning you want to take into account. To do that, we recommend that you spend a bit more time looking at your wider relationship.

Take the time to work out if this is a temporary change due to something you found out, or a more permanent feeling that is building up and not going away. Only you can decide what you want to do next, though.