What To Expect On Your TV Screen This Year

2017 was undoubtedly a year full of excitement and surprises when it comes to movies and seasons but if you really want to know how 2018 will go for you and what will you be watching this year on screen then you need to read this article thoroughly. Last year we all heard how the TV series “13 reason why” was a huge success and how many headlines it made. Well, what if we tell you that this year there are going to be so many more of such tv series and movies that are going to make headlines and you won’t be able to resist watching them. Yes, you read it right, this year you will go crazy and there are high chances that half of your day will be spent on screen.

So, folks, here are the top 5 upcoming series that will drop your jaws.


1- “The X Files” – FOX

If you have seen it’s 10th season finale then I am sure you would be waiting desperately for this one to come out and guess what? Yes, it is out now, the season 11 premiere was out on 3rd of January and people are going crazy after this season and can’t wait for more of it. So, if you haven’t already seen it then leave everything and watch it online!

2- Alone Together- Freeform

One amazing series for teenagers and adults who love to watch comedy. This series is produced by The Lonely Island and the story revolves around two millennials who are trying their best to manage and settle in the self-obsessed city if Los Angeles. If you ask for our suggestion whether you should watch it or not then believe us, it is a 100% worth watching tv series that will somehow be relatable to your life too.

3- Crashing- HBO

The season 2 of “crashing” is out and it is one rollercoaster ride for a stand-up comedian “Pete” who is trying to figure out his life after his divorce and the reason of divorce is that he was cheating on his wife. Well, the season 1 of “crashing” wasn’t that entertaining but the finale left the audience in some serious curiosity and season 2 seems to be quite promising.

4- One Day At A Time- Netflix

The season 2 of this series is coming out on 26th of January, it is one comedy series which has a serious story about a single mother who is trying to raise her children all by herself. The reason that you should watch it, is that it has great performances, it is culturally rich and above everything it is smart. Also, it is relatable so yes, it is a series worth a watch.

5- Counterpart- Starz

It’s coming out on 28th of January and trust me this sci-fi spy thriller will make you fall in love with the storyline because yes it is that awesome. The story revolves around a spy who is working for an agency finds out that his agency is somehow hiding from him the opening to another dimension. When it comes to the suggestion of whether you should watch it or not then believe us, it is going to be very interesting from the start of the episodes and you would want to watch more and more of it.

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