'Eraser Challenge' Making Dangerous Comeback ⋆

‘Eraser Challenge’ Making Dangerous Comeback

Do you recall being faced with the eraser challenge as a kid? Back in middle school, we used to rub those parallelogram-shaped pink erasers across our skin until it started to create a burn, but it never went very far.

At the first tinge of pain or anything close to it, we’d usually drop out and toss the eraser aside. However, the challenge is resurging and kids are going much further. Because of social media, kids are being challenged to do it for longer, to withstand the pain, and to see who can go on for the longest.

For instance, several students at East Iredell Middle School in North Carolina were injured and parents received a warning as a result.

Here’s What You Should Know

“Parents! Do your children have any burn marks?” the school began on its Facebook page. “The latest internet challenge is the ‘Eraser Challenge.’ Kids are rubbing an eraser across their skin while having to do or say something. It’s causing serious burns and we’ve seen several cases of this at EIMS.”

The school followed up the post with a link to an article from 2015 about a kid who was hospitalized and fighting for his life because he contracted Strep A Toxic Shock from playing the game. Not such a harmless game after all!

“They also use salt and hold an ice cube over it,” wrote one parent in the post’s comment section. “Caught my kid and his buddy doing it.”

“This is serious,” added another. “These kids do not realize what they are doing to themselves.”

And a third said, “I still have a scar. I’m 65 years old did this back in the 60s lol.”

It may just be a fad, but the fact is that games and challenges like these can be potentially life-threatening, and kids need to know what’s at stake. Times have changed, and because of peer pressure and the online social life, the eraser challenge is going much further than it ever should have.

So, now you know. Sit your kids down, talk them through it, and make sure they are aware of the harm they could do to themselves.