Endearing: French Bulldog and a Monarch Butterfly! ⋆

Endearing: French Bulldog and a Monarch Butterfly!

There is no doubt that life is stranger than fiction and the following story is a perfect example:

There have been many stories and images of animals from different species forming bonds that will probably remain unexplained.  Those who own a cat and a dog know the myth they hate each other is simply that, a myth!

A goat and a dog growing up together are the best of friends.  A cat caring for an abandoned baby bunny, a barn owl getting a free ride on the back of a Labrador Retriever!

Once we get over our own arrogance that people are somehow more advanced than other animals, there are valuable lessons to learn.  People judge each other to critically while animals just accept all!

Quoting Shakespeare: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

A Beautiful Friendship

The latest story to hit the internet is about a French Bulldog named Mochi who befriended a beautiful Monarch butterfly who visited her backyard.

This story captured the hearts of well-over 200,000 viewers who were amazed at how gently Mochi handled this beautiful butterfly.

On Instagram, this sweet, sweet puppy has shown her love for people and her eagerness for adventure.  She lives in California with her owner and spends a lot of time outside, soaking up the sun.

Well, one day during this summer, she took off running in the backyard when she stumbled across a tiny little friend sitting on the back wall of the yard.

While she frantically tried to pursue this little creature, her owner, Rylee Boland discovered that Mochi had found a monarch butterfly looking for a nice place to land, sit in the sun, and just rest.

While some owners would probably get their dogs away from the butterfly in fear they would harm it, Rylee knew sweet Mochi would not. She knew her precious dog would be gentle with this incredible creature.

Mochi And Her Monarch Butterfly:

When the Monarch butterfly finally landed in her backyard, Mochi was really excited to greet his new-found friend.  In general, Monarch butterflies are not common to California although they do migrate through the southern part of the state.

Chances are, Mochi had never seen one of these creatures ever before.  As Mochi approached the butterfly, she didn’t try to harm it or bite it.

It’s almost as if she knew this little creature was very delicate and fragile so she just stared at the little guy for a few minutes and never made an aggressive move.

She followed the butterfly’s journey from the brick fence to a nearby bush, all the while just sniffing and watching.  Mochi never harmed the butterfly and her owner said that’s due to the incredibly gentle nature she was born with.

A Friendship Was Born:

Watching her play with the gorgeous butterfly, Rylee was not surprised that Mochi was incredibly gentle and it didn’t come as a shock how well-behaved her puppy was.

The butterfly seemed to know that Mochi would not harm him.  He flew around this puppy for 15 minutes while Mochi just sniffed and watched his little friend. Then the little butterfly flew off Rylee’s hand to say goodbye.

Luckily, Boland snapped many wonderful pictures of Mochi’s very unique and special friend.  She posted these adorable pictures on Instagram and shared them on Twitter with her viral account @dog rates.

She received tons of praise for her adorable dog’s excellent behavior.

So if you need any more testimonies why dogs are better than people, check out her photos, you will be convinced.  Mochi  photos