The Eclipse Experience: Hear From the People Who Watched!

People gathered far and wide, museums, zoos, parks were all filled with those waiting to see the eclipse. Some joked that an eclipse is all you need to get children to go outside in this day and age.

people gather to watch

This eclipse which occurred yesterday, August 21st, is one of natures most awe-inspiring sights. A complete eclipse with the moon covering the entire sun was seen by all those from Lincoln beach, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina. And a partial solar eclipse was visible in the entire United Stated and parts of South America, Africa and Europe!

The last time an eclipse such as this one was seen in the USA was in 1979, so it’s no wonder the excitement around those 2-4 minutes when the moon blocks out the sun reached crazy levels.


The Zoo View

One invested teacher, Larry Martin, decided the best place to take his students to experience the eclipse was none other than the zoo. Located in the Palmetto State, this was the last place to experience a total eclipse. Although some students were more excited for the animals than for the sun, it proved an amazing experience. The giraffes ran towards the elephants, the flamingos tried to fly away, and the lorikeets went eerily quiet. This is what the 8,800-people gathered at the zoo witnessed when the sky began to darken at 2:30 pm.

One zoo visitor that day. NC resident Matt Dowell had only one thing to day, ““I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t that excited about the eclipse, but that was awesome,”

Zoo officials were planning this event for months beforehand, not knowing what to expect with regards to how many people would show up, nor how the animals would behave. Animals had varying responses to the eclipse, the giraffes acting strangely and the komodo dragon barely moving for two days before the eclipse!

Giraffes act strangely

The White House View

The President, his wife Melania and son Barron where equally as excited about the viewing of the eclipse, gathering together on the White House balcony. An always entertaining Trump was seen glancing directly at the sun multiple times, peeping at the fiery sun without protection.

Trump watches eclipse

Although he only looked for a few seconds at a time, it was a pretty funny sight, especially since his daughter Ivanka took it upon herself to promote the special specs to safely view the eclipse. Seems the father-daughter communication may need some improvement!

All in all, it was an exciting day for those who got to view this natural phenomenon and was a wonderful way to get the entire world talking and thinking about nature- a nice change for once.