Duchess Meghan Looking for a Break From Media & Critics ⋆

Duchess Meghan Looking for a Break From Media & Critics

Since marrying Prince Harry, the Duchess has struggled over the past few years.  She has lived through scrutiny from the British media as well as her critics.  She finally had an interview with Us Weekly, opening up about her struggles as a new royal and as a mother.

She is hoping that the media and her critics will finally give her a break now that they know how this negativity is affecting her. She wants others to know she is just as vulnerable as everyone else. She also told sources that it’s been very difficult facing these challenges while attempting to balance her new roles as a Duchess and a mother before the public eye.

The Pressure

She told ITV News in a documentary, it’s even more challenging as a woman.  Adding this pressure on top of trying to be a new mom and a newlywed, has had a strong impact. She also thanked Tom Bradby for asking how she is doing. She said not too many people ever ask if she’s OK.

Recently the Suits alum had taken legal action with Prince Harry against the British media which has placed negative attention on her marriage.  When people say things that are not true and they know they are not true but are allowed to get away with saying things, she doesn’t know how anyone could possibly be fine with that.

She said “What would you call that? That’s a different beast. That’s really just a different beast.”

After taking note of what her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, went through, experiencing scrutiny, she realized that Diana was always upfront and honest about her feelings which made her very popular with millions of people.  Meghan plans on following in her footsteps.

Meghan is glad she made the statement and plans to be a lot more honest with the public and is something she truly wishes she had done sooner.