Dreamiest TV Wedding Dresses Ever ⋆

Dreamiest TV Wedding Dresses Ever

Even though these weddings were all just fantasies they are still some of the best ever weddings we have ever seen.  Forget the bridal magazines and shows for a while and take a look at these images.

We’ve put together a list of the best wedding gowns from TV shows and chick flicks.  Grab a hankie, take it all in and let these amazing TV wedding gowns inspire you! Grooms be warned!!  This may turn any normal bride-to-be into a crazy woman!

Ready? Then it is time to adDRESS these amazing wedding gowns….

‘Full House’: Rebecca “Becky” Donaldson

This was the end of a classic love story – the motorcycle riding, leather-jacketed Jesse was the archetypal bad boy and of course, good girl Becky just fell for him hook, line and sinker.

Of course, what else was she doing to wear – she had to choose those puffy sleeves and plenty of bling to accentuate just what a clean cut girl she really is.

However, she did go a step too far with the headpiece, that is just some crazy work and would probably take off if she was caught in a stiff breeze.  Simplicity is best for veils, or just get yourself a stunning hairdo.

‘Suits’: Rachel Zane

Of course, Meghan Markle went on to become a real-life princess at her royal wedding to the UK’s Prince Harry but before then she still looked like royalty in this wedding gown that she wore for her onscreen wedding in the hit show ‘Suits’.

This dress, by designer Anne Barge, is just a classic bridal look from the elegant V-neck, through to the fitted waist and then the flowing skirt adorned with tiny flora appliques.  It really is fit for a future princess.

It has just the right combination of modesty and flair and would make any bride feel special on her big day.

The on-screen wedding took place at the end of Suits season 7 and fans will agree that seeing Rachel and Mike Ross finally tie the knot was a great way to end the season.