Donate Your Kids' Legos and Free Up Space ⋆

Donate Your Kids’ Legos and Free Up Space

Is your home scattered with Legos that you step on, fall over, and are just in the way because your kids have grown and can’t be bothered with them? Possibly, your kids have collected far more Legos than their toy bins can hold and now your home looks like a disaster area.

Well, believe it or not, you can donate this overabundance of Legos! Lego has recently announced they are partnering with Give Back How It Works. It gives you the golden opportunity to donate unwanted quantities of Legos by placing them into any cardboard box and not even have to go outside. Here are the directions you should follow so you can put these toys to good use!

How to Donate Your Kids’ Legos:

Grab an old cardboard box you have stored away and placed all the Legos inside. Next, visit GiveBackBox.

Then click on the Donate Lego Bricks tab. You will be asked to provide your email address and info, then print a free shipping label. If you want a tax deduction receipt, it will be automatically sent to you. If you have several boxes, just make sure you print out enough labels for each box.

What Becomes of These Legos?

Your old LEGO bricks will be steamed cleaned before being packaged by hand in new boxes. They will then be distributed to thousands of kids across the country in partnership with Teach For America and to programs at the Boys and Girls Club of Boston.

The first shipment is expected to go out in November 2019, so start collecting those Legos!

When is The Best Time to Get Involved in This Program?

If you have a room full of Legos, you need to get on this program as soon as possible. The pilot program is only expected to run through the spring of 2020. At that time, the people involved in the program will decide if they should expand the program or not.

Those in the program know that in order for the campaign to be successful, it will take a lot of donations. They have made it as easy as possible to help people participate in donating their kids’ old Lego bricks.

Monika Wiela, the founder of Give Back Box, believes the pilot can only be a success to give toys to other children over the holidays through your donations. In other words, the best time to donate is right now!

It’s as simple as grabbing old cardboard boxes, putting the Legos inside and getting your shipping labels. This is not only for a very worthy cause but is the easiest way to make donations and put a smile on a child’s face over the holidays!