Dog Abandoned for being Too Caring. Finds Better Place. ⋆

Dog Abandoned for being Too Caring. Finds Better Place.

Dogs are a blessing for humans. Many people adopt dogs and keep them as they become their best friends quickly and enjoy time together. Today we are here with a story of a dog named Helena who is a four-year-old Velcro Mastiff. She lives in Lifeline Animal Project in Fulton County, Georgia. When she gives her cute smiles everyone can die to adopt her.

Too Dependent

LifeLine Animal Project on Facebook

Helena was adopted by someone, she thought she’d finally have a home but sadly this didn’t last too long. But why? The reason provided by the owner was that Helena was a very loving dog who would always stick to the owner and wanted to play with him. The owner soon realized that this is not the kind of dog he is looking for so he dropped Helena back to the shelter.

The owner also said that he was looking for a dog who can protect him but in this case, he had to protect and take care of Helena. He further added that women should adopt her, one who can provide the love Helena deserves. “Because they are more into that petting stuff.”

 Back to the search

LifeLine Animal Project on Facebook

The lifeline animal project began their hunt yet again to find Helena a suitable home where she will be provided with love, time and care. The workers took some adorable pictures of Helena and posted them on social media such as Facebook. The story and pictures of Helena went viral and several families contacted the lifeline to adopt Helena.

A new loving family

LifeLine Animal Project on Facebook

After two days of searching for a suitable family, the lifeline animal project found a perfect family who deserved a loving dog like Helena. This is when Helena life’s new phase has started. The lifeline animal project organization’s spokesperson Karen Hirsch comments on Helena’s new family by saying, the new family will “spoil her rotten”.

We hope the new family loves Helena and give her all the cuddles she is looking for. The new family is also very lucky to have a loving dog like Helena. We wish her the very best of life with the new family.

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