DNA Tests: Revealing The Truth And Real Father ⋆

DNA Tests: Revealing The Truth And Real Father

When 19-year-old Laura Barnes took an ancestry.com test as a joke, the results would prove to be life changing.

The journey started after she received here matches from the DNA testing company and was matched to a dentist in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Laura couldn’t deny that she looked like JC Bennet, and since she was adopted, she decided to reach out to him and see if the test’s suggestion that he was her father was possible.

A Bonding Journey

Laura explained in an interview on local news station WBRC that Bennet responded and the two began a year long journey in discovery and bonding. The pair is so alike that they even finish each other’s sentences and share many similarities.

For Bennet, who is currently the father of two sons and married, the discovery of his daughter initially filled him with guilt. While he had learned that Laura’s biological mother was pregnant, he never imagined he was the father.

He hadn’t thought any more about it after she moved to Louisiana, where her daughter would go on to be adopted and raised. “I felt apologetic because I hadn’t participated in her life,” Bennet explained to the Tuscaloosa News.

“I felt like I owed her adoptive parents an explanation and almost an apology because they had raised a child that was mine, but I had no knowledge of it.”

Laura Barnes’s story is one of many successful DNA matches from companies like ancestry.com. The new technology has reunited many families.

In Douglas Georgia, test results led to a meeting between John Ellis and the daughter he had never met after DNA results matched Yevette Matthews with his sister. In Fresno California, a DNA test result revealed a woman’s Armenian heritage and eventually led her to her biological father.