Coolest Minimalist Nomadic Container Hotel ⋆

Coolest Minimalist Nomadic Container Hotel

A nomadic minimalist container hotel sitting on top of the Avoriaz Mountain in France allows guests to jump out of bed and head straight to the ski slopes.

This traveling minimalist hotel, made from shipping containers, has opened the door for the future of comfortable accommodations. Instead of living out of a tent in a faraway location, you can have the same comfort found in hotels.

About The Flying Nest by French designer Ora-Ito:

This minimalist hotel first surfaced on the market over the past winter at the Avoriaz Ski Resort after being tested for two solid years. A prototype was placed next to the field where France’s national football team trains.

It then traveled to the Le Mans sports car race, the Rencontres d’ Arles photography festival, and then the Agora biennial art festival in Bordeaux.

The shipping containers are lined inside and out with warm wood from certified forests to offer a clean, neutral, natural look.  These units are 130 sq. feet providing a living area, bathroom, and a white linen bed sitting next to a picture window.

You will have awesome views, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. The containers are stacked on top of each other forming six islands and connected by terraces so guests can intermingle.

The goal of the project provides a uniquely hospitable environment during the events and offers the same needs of local hotels that are already overbooked.  Because the hotel is completely self-contained it has it’s own utilities and can be reached by trucks, cranes, or helicopters without any impact on the site.

It can be placed anywhere from deserts, beaches or even mountaintops.